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Wedding Couple Cutting Cake with a Cake Topper on Top

Best Wedding Cake Topper Ideas For Bride And Groom 2024

List Of the Best Wedding Cake Topper Ideas For Bride And Groom For Your Next Wedding Wedding cake toppers are the ideal accessory to personalize a wedding and make it memorable. There are several ways you can use a wedding cake topper. If you are falling short of ideas, then worry no more as we […]

Step By Step Guide To Create a Custom Cake Topper


Types of Wedding Cake Toppers

Types Of wedding cake toppers

The vows have been exchanged, the guests greeted, and the champagne popped- it is now time for the gorgeous cake-cutting commencement of the wedding ceremony. Draw the attention of your guests at this special moment by choosing a stunning, uniquely-you cake topper!  Crown your confection with the most appropriate topper! We’ve listed the most popular […]

Milestone Couple Anniversary Cake Topper

Anniversary Cake Topper

Life is all about celebrating small moments that bring big joy. An anniversary is one such occasion that deserves celebrations as it helps the couple recall the journey they have traveled so far. Hence, it is important to celebrate the special occasion of the anniversary uniquely. Cake toppers are the ideal element that makes anniversaries […]

Christmas Themed Cake Topper

Christmas Cake Topper

It’s Christmas time! And Christmas cannot be without cakes. So you must be already planning about your this year’s Christmas cake design. Although finalizing the Christmas cake design isn’t rocket science, it isn’t a walk in the park either! Choosing a Christmas cake theme or design can be a daunting task. To make things easier, […]

Couple Cake Topper

Reasons why you should go for a fully customized cake topper instead of the regular one

  The traditional concept of having icing on the wedding cake to make it decorative has worked for decades. However, the recent advent of cake toppers has once again made them the de facto idea for enhancing the cake’s visual appeal.    There are chances that you have come across cake toppers at a relative’s […]

History of Wedding Cake Toppers

History of Wedding Cake Toppers

    Wedding cake toppers entice everyone. Their cute appearance and striking resemblance make them the perfect addition to a celebration or a special event. And thanks to these features, the popularity of wedding cake toppers is only increasing with time.    The immense popularity of cake toppers brings us to the question, were these […]

Graduation Day Cake Topper

8 Reasons To Go For A Full Custom Cake Topper Figurine for your Next Event

Arranging an event is a double-edged sword. There is plenty of fun but there are challenges galore. One such challenge is to keep your creative juices following despite the increasing stress of deadlines.    If you too are facing such a daunting task then we help you with a creative suggestion to make your next […]

Perfect Cake Topper Size Guide Chart

Sizing Guide for a Perfect Cake Topper

  So, you have opted for a customized cake topper for your next event. This means you have ensured your event becomes memorable and special. However, there are still some things to be taken care of.    Your first challenge is to decide on the cake topper’s design and customization. For it, you need to […]

Queen Elizabeth Wedding Cake

The Best Celebrity Wedding Cakes Ever

Wedding cakes are the soul of wedding ceremonies. A wedding cake signifies the bond between the two people celebrating their love for each other and hence it was to be as special as the occasion itself. We, the mere mortals, do our best to make our wedding cake appear special, but what elements do celebrities […]

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