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Perfect Cake Topper Size Guide Chart

Sizing Guide for a Perfect Cake Topper


So, you have opted for a customized cake topper for your next event. This means you have ensured your event becomes memorable and special. However, there are still some things to be taken care of. 


Your first challenge is to decide on the cake topper’s design and customization. For it, you need to know what is a perfect cake topper and how to reach this perfection. 


To help you in your pursuit of the perfect cake topper, we have prepared a thorough sizing guide. 

  1. Size of the cake:


Themed Cake Topper for Wedding


The size of the cake is the determinant factor in deciding the size of the cake topper. The golden rule states the cake topper’s size cannot be more than the cake. 


As the name suggests, cake toppers are supposed to sit on the top of the cake. In any event, the focal point is always the cake. The cake toppers are an accessory that enhances the cake’s visual appeal. If the cake topper is bigger than the cake, it disrupts the visual appeal of both the cake and the cake topper. More importantly, there will always be a fear of the cake topper falling. 


So it is logical to have a cake topper that is not bigger than the cake. The maximum you can stretch is to have a cake topper of the exact size of the cake. 



 2. The top tier of the cake:

Stars and Moon Themed Wedding cake and Cake Topper



To ensure the cake topper is properly fixed and does not fall, it is essential to have stability. And this stability comes from the top tier of the cake. If you have a multi-layered cake, the size and weight of the cake’s top tier are crucial. 


For example, if your cake topper is heavy, then the top tier of the cake must be sturdy enough to handle the cake topper’s weight. Hence, you should consider the weight and size of your cake topper before you confirm your cake details with the baker. 


Ensure that the top tier of your cake is bigger than the cake topper to give it stability. If the width of your cake’s top tier is 5”, the cake topper should be a maximum of 4.5”. 


  3.  Number of Tiers:


Mini Wooden Batman themed Couple Cake Topper



Apart from the sturdiness of the top tier, it is also crucial to consider the number of layers your cake will have. If you are having a multi-tier cake, you should ensure the cake topper’s size and the cake’s size are in proportion to each other. 


There is no specific rule about the ideal proportion. However, you can use the following measurements as guidelines to get the proportions correct. 


Cake type: 2 Tier cake: (12”-14” Height)

Ideal size of cake topper: 4.5”- 6.5”


Cake type: 3 Tier cake (14”-16” Height) 

Ideal size of cake topper: 5”- 6.5”


Cake type: 4 Tier cake (16”-18” Height)

Ideal size of cake topper: 5.5”- 7”


  4.Weight of the cake topper:


Huge Cake Toppers


Apart from being customized according to the theme and having a personal feel, the perfect cake topper is also of the ideal weight. What is the ideal weight of a cake topper?


There are no standard answers. The key aspect is, the cake should be able to handle the cake topper’s weight. So you have to consider your cake’s size and sturdiness while finalizing the cake topper.


Cake toppers come in various sizes and shapes. These two factors determine the cake topper’s weight. Also, the material used to make the cake topper impacts its weight. 


Cardboard or plastic cake toppers are light in weight and thus are easier to fix on cakes of all sizes. But if they are too light, they will fall now and then and will spoil the cake. So it’s better to have cake toppers with considerable weight. 


Miniature dolls as cake toppers are comparatively heavy and need a sturdy base. However, they are more effective as their weight makes them stable. 


  5. Should go with the theme:


Under Water Themed Couple Wedding Cake Topper



The cake topper garners eyeballs due to its unique structure and its strategic placement. Hence the cake topper must reflect the theme of your event. So when guests notice the cake topper, the theme is also conveyed to them subconsciously. 


Today, customizing your cake topper as per the theme has become a cakewalk (pun intended). Professional artists and cake stores have a wide array of customization options that enable you to fit your cake topper to your theme’s requirements. Online stores like The custom cake boutique offer complete liberty to the customers to choose customization options. As all their products are handmade, they ensure the cake toppers match the customer’s dream image. 


With cake toppers, the rule of thumb is ‘the simpler it is, the more memorable and effective it becomes.’ Cake toppers with cluttered texts and plenty of colors and shapes are difficult to read and fail to register in guests’ minds. So ensure you keep the designs clean and simple and don’t overload them with multiple texts. 


Similarly, go with only one cake topper. The idea of having multiple cake toppers may sound exciting but it is not pragmatic. Having multiple cake toppers will make your cake look crowded. So it is better to have only one cake topper that is perfect so guests will get mesmerized by its visual appearance. 

  6. Final look of the cake with a topper:


Mountains Calling Cake Topper


Colors play a critical role in forming visual experience. Great color combinations make an ordinary thing look extraordinary while ineffective color combinations can spoil the beauty of anything. Hence, it is of paramount importance to check the color combination of your cake and the topper. 


Before finalizing the cake and the topper, visualize how they both will appear together. Ensure they have a matching color scheme that enhances their beauty. 


The cake topper should also be of the correct proportion in terms of size and shape. It should not appear too small or too large when compared with the cake. 


The ultimate feature of a perfect cake topper is customer satisfaction. The perfect cake topper is the one that makes the customer satisfied and happy. Hence, customer preference overrides any other standard rules. If the customer wants the cake topper to have a subtle and minimal design then that should be the verdict. Similarly, if the customer wishes to go for a flamboyant cake topper with loud design elements then that has to be the preference. 


In a nutshell, if you feel happy while looking at your cake and the cake topper then it is the perfect cake topper for your event. 


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