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We Make Stunning Cake Toppers

When you run out of ideas and when no gift seems good enough, think hand sculpted, personalized and oh-so personal cake toppers/bobbleheads befitting each and every occasion

A Piece of Art for Every Occasion: With or Without Cake Make It Yours

 With or without the cake, they serve as a distinctive, heartfelt gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any significant milestone. Made with meticulous attention to detail, they capture the very essence of a moment, person, or relationship.

Display them atop a cake for an unforgettable event or feature them in your home as an elegant showcase. Either way, our Custom Cake Toppers are a symbol of celebration, art, and individuality. Buy it for a cake, or buy it for life; it’s a keepsake that speaks volumes.

How it Works ?

Picture Time

Pictures are all that we ask from you.

Magic Time

Artisans perfecting each miniature with love and magic.

Shipping Time

Global shipping anywhere in the world , only once we know you are pleased.

About Time

Ting-Tong! Seems like
to your custom

Christmas came early
this year!

Sculpting Smiles: Personalized Cake Toppers That Steal the Show

We at Cake Toppers Studio, pride ourselves at sculpting the best Custom Cake Toppers and shipping them worldwide, wrapped safely with lots of hard work and care.
Our artisans’ hands sell not just wobbly-bobbly heads but also perseverance, patience and perfection.
Personalized. Perfect. Personal.

Why Everyone's Raving About Our Personal Potraits

For Who?

From kids to oldies, everyone loves it. What’s not to love? It’s them. With big wobbly heads. Posing. Looking all cute and adorable.

For What?

For making any celebration full of endearing memories. Nothing ‘shouts out’ personalized and handmade more than this.

For Where?
Ditch that cherry for this, on a cake. Or make a random day special.
Top your cake. Top your mantlepiece. Top your work desk.

Why Buy From Us?

Order/Gift Some Love

Friends, family, or for yourself. Birthday, Anniversary or made-up days. Order away.
Handmade with love from scratch
No two Cake Toppers are alike. Your miniature is made from scratch, with skill, patience and a lot of love.
Striking resemblance
Every facial and bodily detail is sculpted with utmost care and perfection. It’s like a small doppelganger, believe us.

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Look At Some Of The Happy Faces
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We at Cake Toppers Studio take our smiles and our disapprovals very seriously. If our Cake Toppers don’t bring the desired smiles on your face then we have not done a good enough job. So we will do it again and again till you are all smiles and all laughs. You have our word and our guarantee!

Don't Know Where to Start?

Sometimes just the word ‘personalized’ can freeze your mind. That’s where we come in with our artist-ie, thinki-ie hats on. We help you brainstorm and visualize your personalized gift so that you have no doubts about the entire thing. Sounds good?
Artist Sculpting a Miniature

A Little Bit About The Founder

Our talented founder Kanishka seems like was born with paint brushes, colors and passion in her hands.She started off with a regular painting craze at a young age followed by fashion designing and finally topping it all off with a MFA in School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
It is there really where one of her one-time 3D miniature gig made for a celebrity went viral and it is then when Kanishka found her calling.
Rest is history!

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Handmade From Scratch With Love

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