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Anniversary Cake Topper

Life is all about celebrating small moments that bring big joy. An anniversary is one such occasion that deserves celebrations as it helps the couple recall the journey they have traveled so far.

Hence, it is important to celebrate the special occasion of the anniversary uniquely. Cake toppers are the ideal element that makes anniversaries special. Here are some anniversary cake topper ideas for you.

1.  Wedding couple’s figurine on a forest fruit cake: 

If you love fruit cakes then go for a customized forest fruit cake for your wedding ceremony. Instead of a traditional fruit cake, you opt for a semi-naked fruit cake featuring decorations of real berries like strawberries and blackberries. You can sprinkle some confectionery sugar to enhance the cake’s visual appeal. Place this cake on a tree trunk cake stand to complete the decoration.

Give this forest fruit cake a personal touch by having cake toppers of the couple on the cake’s top tier. Tiny dolls of the couple flaunting their wedding attire and featuring cute smiles will garner plenty of attention and will make the cake a memorable one.


2. Vanilla and chocolate cake with Bobblehead cake topper:

If you wish to have a classy and elegant cake for your anniversary celebrations, then go for a plain vanilla and chocolate cake with an elegant design.

Ask your baker to use plenty of vanilla and chocolate in the cake and fill it with salted caramel and chocolate fudge. Frost the outside of the cake with vanilla buttercream to give it a flawless finish. Use golden color elements to decorate the cake’s layers.

This vanilla chocolate cake is sure to elevate your anniversary celebrations and to enhance it further you can add Bobblehead cake toppers of the couple on the cake’s top.


3. A floral spectacle with a caketopper of the couple:

Flowers bring freshness and add a romantic touch. Hence it’s a good idea to use flowers as decoration for your anniversary cake. Ask your baker to bake a plain multi-tier cake with a smooth finish. Now use a ton of flowers of different colors and decorate the cake with these flowers.
You can plant tiny figurines of the couple on the cake’s top layer to add a personalized touch to your anniversary cake. Use the services of a professional artist to create tiny dolls that resemble the couple and make your anniversary cake visually more appealing.

4. A unique cake topper of a couch and a high-back sofa chair:

If you love the simplicity and still want to make an impact then use symbolic cake toppers. These cake toppers appear simple but carry a profound meaning and thus make the occasion more special.

For your anniversary celebrations, you can use a simple plain multi-tier white cake and place an edible mini-sized leather couch and a high-back sofa chair. These two chairs signify the couple and give your anniversary a deeper meaning.

5. The Philadelphia fans-themed cake toppers:

If you are a Philadelphia Flyers fan, then this is the ideal cake topper design for you. Create tiny figurines of the couple and place them on your anniversary cake’s top tier. Instead of showing their smiling faces, make these cake toppers stand in such a way that their backs face the guests.

Make these mini dolls wear the Philadelphia Flyers and ensure they flaunt your favorite player’s jersey number. This unique cake topper design will become an instant hit among Philadelphia Flyers fans.


6. Customized cake topper design for an elderly couple:

Anniversaries are the time to cherish the couple’s love for each other. Hence the cake topper should also reflect the same. The best way to do so is to have a customized cake topper. You can ask your cake topper artist to create realistic-looking tiny dolls of the couple and place them on the cake’s top tier to give your anniversary cake a personalized look.

The cake topper’s impact depends on how well it resembles the real person. Hence, it is advisable to use the services of a professional artist as they are more reliable and have the skills to sculpt the dolls perfectly.

By focusing on intricate details like the costume, hair color, and facial expressions, the cake topper artist will ensure the tiny dolls appear as the mini-version of the couple and these cake toppers will stay with you as a souvenir forever.

7. Smiling Bobbleheads as cake toppers:

If you want to give your anniversary celebrations a personal touch, then opt for customized Bobbleheads as the cake toppers. These Bobbleheads are super cute and if you customize them to look like the couple, they are an amazing souvenir to keep after the event.

You can make the Bobbleheads wear the wedding costume and have details like a beard, hairstyle, and facial expressions resembling the real person. These details will make the Bobbleheads more personal and will add to the cake’s visual appeal.


8. Rustic naked wedding cake with Mr and Mrs cake toppers:

Rustic naked wedding cakes have a distinctive identity. They look appealing and taste delicious. Hence, they are the ideal cakes for making your anniversary celebrations special.

Decorate your multi-tier rustic naked cake with fresh seasonal berries and a dusting of icing sugar. The fresh fruits will enhance the cake’s taste and will make it appear richer.

This rustic cake adorned with fresh berries is a beauty in itself. Hence a flamboyant cake topper would be overkill as it wouldn’t add any more value.

To give the cake an ‘anniversary cake’ feel, you can opt for a simple ‘Mr and Mrs’ caketopper. You can choose a wooden or a cardboard caketopper depending on your preference, and place it on the cake’s top tier.


9. Happy couple Bobblehead as cake toppers:

This anniversary, showcase the joy and happiness of being together by having a customized Bobblehead of the couple placed on your cake’s top tier. The sight of the couple standing close to each other and featuring big smiles is a romantic spectacle and it will give your anniversary a personalized touch.

You can make the couple’s figurines wear the wedding costume and have customized hairstyles and accessories to elevate their visual appeal.

10. Skii-themed cake and cake topper:

Showcase your love for skiing during your anniversary celebrations by going for a ski-themed cake and cake topper. Ask your baker to create a single-tier cake and decorate it with a landscape of mountains and snow.

Get customized mini figurines of the couple wearing skiing base layers, and jackets and holding ski and ski poles. This unique cake topper and cake is sure to surprise your guests and will highlight your love for skiing.

11. Gamer couple cake topper:

If you and your partner are ardent gamers and prioritize it over everything else in life then make it the theme of your anniversary celebrations. Have a simple plain cake and get customized Bobbleheads of the couple wearing the wedding costume and having laptops in front of them.

The combination of wedding costumes and laptops makes these cake toppers unique and attractive. You can add headphones to make them look super cute and other accessories depending on your preference.

12. Naked chocolate cake with gilded deers as cake toppers:

To make your anniversary celebrations unique and offbeat, you can try a ‘woodland’ or ‘autumn’ themed cake and cake topper.

This innovative theme involves a naked chocolate cake decorated with real blackberries and figs. The spectacle of a delicious cake with berries and figs looks enticing and is sure to garner plenty of eyeballs.

To enhance your anniversary cake’s visual appeal, you can add an innovative cake topper. A pair of glided deers go well with this offbeat theme and will be literally the ‘cherry on the top.’

13. Tempa Bay Lightening-themed cake toppers:

This anniversary, let your love for the Tempa Bay Lightening take centerstage by having Lightning-themed cake toppers. Opt for a plain white cake and decorate it with edible flowers on the top. Use customized mini figurines of the couple as cake toppers. To give the cake toppers a touch of the theme, make them wear the Tempa Bay Lightening jerseys. You can make the cake toppers more creative by making the groom rip open his formal shirt to reveal the Lightening jersey underneath it.

14. Hawaiian couple Bobbleheads cake toppers:

Hawaii isn’t just a place. It’s an emotion. Hawaii’s relaxed culture and the focus on enjoying simple little things have enabled couples to get over their differences and enjoy a joyful life. If you feel the same, then let your anniversary celebrations be an ode to Hawaii by having cake toppers that represent the Hawaiian culture.

Get customized mini figurines resembling the couple and make them wear the signature Hawaain costume. You can have the groom hold a guitar and decorate the cake with plenty of flowers to highlight Hawaii’s culture.

15. ‘Being together’ themed cake toppers:

Staying together as a couple is an achievement in itself. The two people have to overcome their differences and make sacrifices to ensure they ace the test of time. An anniversary is a moment to celebrate this achievement, and hence the cake toppers for the anniversary should reflect the couple’s love for each other.

Ask your cake topper artist to create mini figurines of the couple and place them close to each other. The couple smiling happily and posing together is a romantic sight and it will make your anniversary more special.


16. Realistic customized mini dolls of the couple as cake toppers:

What does it take to make your anniversary celebrations glamorous, gorgeous, and heart-touching? Three simple things: A plain white elegant multi-tier cake with golden color decoration, customized cake toppers featuring the couple in their wedding attire along with their pets, and some big edible floral decorations.

The combination of white and gold color on the cake looks classy and elegant while the couple’s tiny dolls flaunting massive smiles is a gorgeous spectacle. The presence of their pets on the cake’s top completes the family, while the colorful and fresh flowers add grace and makes everything look more beautiful.

17. Cheesecake with tiny figurines as cake toppers:

Ditch the mainstream cakes and opt for a cheesecake to make your anniversary stand out. Cheesecakes are a delicious option to replace the standard cake flavors used for weddings and anniversaries.

Go for a cascade of cheesecakes and them with fruit for a nice visual effect. Use tiny figures that resemble a man and a woman as cake toppers for this unique anniversary cake.


18. A double chocolate naked cake with super cute cake toppers of the couple and their pet:

If you have a special bond with your pet, then showcase it by including it in your anniversary celebrations. It has become a common trend to have cake toppers of the couple placed on the cake top. You can make your anniversary more special by adding your pet’s mini figurine as the cake topper.

The sight of the mini dolls of the couple wearing their wedding costume and their pet at the center is sure to melt several hearts. These super cute cake toppers go well with naked chocolate cakes. You can add some bright and big edible flowers to elevate the cake’s visual appeal.

19.The smiling couple mini dolls cake toppers:

Add a touch of glam and evoke joyful emotions during your anniversary celebrations by having glamorous cake toppers of the couple on your cake.

Get customized cake toppers resembling the couple sculpted by a professional cake topper artist and make them wear lucrative costumes that are sure to garner eyeballs.

Having tiny dolls of the couple in glamorous avatars will uplift your anniversary celebrations and will make them special.


20. The unicorns cake toppers on a strawberry cake: 

If you want an offbeat cake topper for your anniversary cake, then ditch the standard Bobbleheads or customized caricatures and opt for a ‘theme-based’ cake topper.

For example, you can create miniature dolls of the bride and the groom wearing wedding costumes and replace their heads with unicorn heads. This spectacle looks offbeat and also adds an element of surprise to your anniversary celebrations.

These ‘unicorn-themed’ cake toppers go well with a strawberry cake. You can decorate the cake with real strawberries to give your cake a natural touch.


21. A fruit cake with a symbolic cake topper of the bride and groom: 

A naked cake adorned with plenty of berries and edible flowers is a great idea to have a unique anniversary cake. This multi-tier cake looks simple and offbeat and is sure to garner plenty of eyeballs.

The cake in itself looks enticing, but to give it a touch of ‘anniversary celebrations, you can add a cake topper of the bride and groom. Instead of going for the standard caricatures of the couple, you can use some metaphors like placing two sticks on the cake with a crown of flowers with a veil in white for the bride, and a black hat for the groom.


22. Heart-shaped caketopper for the first anniversary: 

Celebrate your first anniversary in a romantic style by adding a heart-shaped cake topper on your cake’s top. You can opt for a simple multi-tier white cake and decorate it by adding the word ‘LOVE’ to it.

To personalize the cake, you can mention that it is your 1st anniversary and have a simple cake topper with a red heart on the top tier. This combination of red and white color along with the heart will surely make your anniversary special and romantic.


23. Customized cake topper of couples in wedding costumes: 

The wedding day is the most special in a couple’s journey. Hence, the couple makes an effort to look their best and wear a costume that makes them stand out from the rest. The wedding day also holds plenty of sweet memories.

Thus it is a good idea to revisit these sweet memories on your anniversary day. So, ask the cake topper artist to create customized mini dolls resembling the couple and make them wear their wedding costume. The scene of the couple smiling ear-to-ear in their wedding costume will teleport guests to the wedding day and allow them to cherish the moment when this beautiful journey started.


24. Customized caricatures of the couple as cake toppers: 

If you want to make your anniversary celebrations memorable, then go for a customized cake topper featuring the couple. These mini dolls come with a striking resemblance to real people and you can keep them as a keepsake in the love nest after the anniversary celebrations.

Instead of placing them on the top of the cake which is standard practice, you can place these customized dolls on the platform next to the cake, to give your cake a unique appearance.


25. The snowy winter-themed anniversary cake with a star-shaped cake topper:

Winter is not just weather. It is an emotion. The cold air, the white snow, and the warmth of your favorite person make this time of the year special. Hence, it is a good idea to theme your anniversary cake around snow and winter.

Get a simple two-tier chocolate cake and place it on a tree trunk cake stand. Decorate the cake by adding a few star-shaped chocolate cookies.

Sprinkle some confectioners’ sugar to create the feel of snow and add a couple of pine trees as cake toppers to complete the spectacle.

You can also have a couple of stars as cake toppers along with the pine trees to enhance the cake’s appearance.

26. Customized cake topper for an elderly couple: 

A wedding anniversary is a day to celebrate that special bond between the two people which has enabled them to stay together for many years. The love and affection for each other help couples stay together. So let your cake topper reflect this same emotion. Ask the cake topper artist to create mini dolls of the couple wearing their signature costumes.

Place these dolls on the top of your anniversary cake and ensure these dolls are standing close to each. Add accessories like glasses and wristwatches to customize the cake toppers.


27. Personalized Bobbleheads as cake toppers: 

Make your anniversary memorable and special by having customized Bobbleheads of the couple as the cake topper. These mini dolls have a striking resemblance to the real person and by choosing the appropriate accessories, you can make them more personalized.

Ask your cake topper artist to focus on facial expressions and aspects like hairstyle and tattoos. These tiny elements along with customized clothing will make your cake topper the talking point during anniversary celebrations.


28. Naked cake with flowers and a heart-shaped wooden cake topper:

If you don’t like flamboyance and prefer subtle and simple decorations then this cake topper idea is perfect. Opt for a naked cake of multiple tiers and decorate it with edible flowers. The naked cake brings simplicity and the flowers add a touch of glam without being too noisy. You can use a cake trunk stand to give the cake a unique look.

As the cake and its decoration are simple, it is effective to use a sober and simple cake topper. A heart made from wood with some flowers is a perfect cake topper for this naked cake.


29. The Groom carrying the bride caketopper on an elegant cake: 

If you are looking for an elegant and classy cake for your anniversary, then opt for the traditional multi-tier white cake with minimum design. You can add a golden butterfly to give your cake a royal touch.

As this cake is simple and has a classy appearance, its better to opt for a mainstream cake topper design instead of any offbeat ideas.

The groom lifting the bride and carrying her over the threshold to celebrate the wedding day is a very romantic tradition. You can highlight this lovely moment by having the couple’s cake toppers in this pose. This would keep the cake’s classy appearance intact and also give it a romantic touch.


30. Miniature rocking chair campfire marshmallow wedding cake topper: 


If your idea of relaxing and ‘spending a good time’ includes resting on a rocking chair with your partner, in front of a campfire, then this is the ideal caketopper idea for your anniversary cake.

Go for a two-tier cake with the design of a tree trunk. Place two tiny rocking chairs on the cake’s top tier along with a small campfire.

Add a cowboy hat or top hat on the groom’s chair along with a ‘Mr’ sign in cursive or print. Similar decorations can be done for the bride’s chair by adding a veil in ivory or white, a matching bouquet, and a ‘Mrs’ sign in cursive or print.

This cozy cake topper design tells a story of your being together and is sure to entice your guests!


31. ‘Tangled’ theme cake and cake toppers of Rapunzel and Flynn:

Give your anniversary the feel of your favorite ‘Tangled’ movie by having a cake inspired by this movie.

Go for a two-tier cake his two-tiered cake and decorate it to create the feel of ‘Tangled. You can have the signature sun-shaped royal crest and floating lanterns to enhance the cake’s design.

The best part of this ‘Tangled’ cake is the cake toppers of Rapunzel and Flynn in a romantic pose. To make the anniversary cake memorable, you can place floating lanterns on the cake’s top tier to create the feel of ‘Rapunzel and Flynn’s dance in the middle of the magical lights.’


32. The split cake and couple with pets cake toppers: 

Have a perfect blend of tradition and creativity in your anniversary celebrations by having a ‘split cake.’ Ask your baker to bake a unique cake in which half of the cake features a traditional white cake while the other half features a chocolate cake.

You can use a vanilla sponge, lemon mousse, and raspberry preserves to enhance the cake’s appeal and place tiny dolls of the couple on the cake’s top to personalize it. Also, don’t forget to add figurines of the couple’s favorite pets.

Caketoppers of the couple along with their pets as cake toppers is a cute way to reflect the bond of ‘family’ and it goes well with the ‘split cake.’


33. ‘Ice-themed’ cake and figurines of the couple as cake toppers:

If you are having a creative and unique cake for your anniversary, then don’t just limit your creativity to the cake and complete the arrangement by adding a unique cake topper.

If the couple has a special affection for cocktails, then you can theme the anniversary cake around it. Ask your baker to create a multi-tier cake and design it in such a way that it resembles ice cubes. Surround the cake with a few glasses to give it a complete ‘ice-themed look.’

Customized figurines of the couple are the best cake-toppers for a customized anniversary cake. You can ask a professional cake topper to create tiny dolls that resemble the couple and place these dolls on top of this customized ‘ice-themed cake.’


34. Sunflower cupcake with cool Bobblehead cake toppers:

Ditch the traditional idea of the ‘standard cake’ and go for a unique cake for your anniversary celebrations. Instead of one big cake, opt for a spectacle made out of plenty of small sunflower cupcakes.

Arrange these sunflower cupcakes in a rectangular shape around a wooden platform and have the Bobbleheads of the couple at the center. This arrangement of tiny figurines of the couple standing in the center surrounded by plenty of edible sunflowers is a very creative way of celebrating your wedding anniversary.

This cake arrangement goes well with sunflower-themed celebrations. To make it more ‘theme-friendly’, you can have the bride’s Bobblehead hold a sunflower in her hands and place one sunflower on the groom’s breast pocket.


The above-mentioned anniversary cake topper ideas will surely make your anniversaries more special. Do let us know which anniversary cake topper idea you liked the most.

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