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Queen Elizabeth Wedding Cake

The Best Celebrity Wedding Cakes Ever

Wedding cakes are the soul of wedding ceremonies. A wedding cake signifies the bond between the two people celebrating their love for each other and hence it was to be as special as the occasion itself.

We, the mere mortals, do our best to make our wedding cake appear special, but what elements do celebrities use to ensure their wedding cakes pass the scrutiny of fans and the paparazzi?

Here we take you on a detour of some of the best and most unique celebrity wedding cakes that have made the news over the years.

1. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Royal Wedding Cake

The royal wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philips had everything ‘royal’ including the wedding cake. Nicknamed the ‘10,000 miles’ cake, this wedding cake received ingredients from across the world. New Zealand sent butter, Canada spent flour, Jamaica gave rum, Barbados sent sugar and South Africa gave brandy. Britain was still overcoming the wounds of World War II and had severe food rationing. Hence, they got ingredients from other countries.
McVitie and Price baked this royal and historic wedding with plenty of creativity and skills. They designed a four-tier cake weighing 220 kg. The cake was 2.7 meters high and became a talking point during the event.

The design was the distinguishing feature of this royal cake. The bakers decorated the cake with ornate scenes from Queen Elizabeth II’s life. A simple glance at the cake revealed special moments in the life of Queen Elizabeth, and thus it added a personalized touch.


  2. Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Las Vegas Wedding Cake

six-tier wedding cake

At his peak, Elvis Presley received tremendous popularity and was the center of attention wherever he went. His marriage too received massive coverage and the media discussed every aspect of the marriage in detail. One such imposing facet of Elvis Presley’s marriage was the wedding cake.

The wedding took place at Alladin Palace. Denis Martig was a pastry chef at the resort and was the mastermind behind this highly-talked wedding cake.

Denis went for a six-tier wedding cake. He filled each layer twice with apricot marmalade and a kirsch-flavored Bavarian cream. Additionally, he glazed all the layers with kirsch-flavored fondant icing and used royal icing and marzipan roses for decoration.

This masterpiece had 478 silver sugared diamonds and 48 2-inch sugar hearts. The Persleys paid $3,200 for this cake, which in today’s money would be approximately $22,000.


  3. Wedding Cake of Prince Charles and Lady Diana

Royal Wedding Cake

The royal wedding cake from Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s royal wedding is always in the news as slices of this famed cake are in auction now and then. In 2014, a slice of this wedding cake fetched £990 while another cake slice attracted a bid of a whopping $2,500 in 2021.
As it was a royal wedding, the bakers baked 23 wedding cakes. Yes, you read it correctly. Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s royal wedding had 23 wedding cakes.
The main attraction was the centerpiece fruitcake. It had five layers and it was 5.5 feet tall. The bakers decorated the cake with several royal emblems on the sides and used plenty of white icing to give it a royal feel.

4. Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino Wedding Cake

Huge Wedding Cake with Couple Cake Topper on top

If we make a list of the most classy and elegant celebrity wedding cakes, chances are Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino’s Wedding Cake will rank among the top 3 if not the first. 

Jennifer Reed of Sugar Monkey, the mastermind behind this cake, should be credited for giving this wedding cake a classy look while maintaining its unique identity. 

The six-tiered red velvet cake had a spectacular smooth finish that garnered plenty of eyeballs. The third layer of the cake had the design of the wedding couple’s initials, giving it a customized look. 

The bakers enhanced the cake’s appearance by adding a few edible flowers on the cake’s sides. The main attraction of the cake though was the flawless cake topper. 

Standing on the cake’s top were mini figurines of the wedding couple. They were dressed in their wedding attire and had a romantic pose. The groom had lifted the bride and her feet were off the ground. The cake topper was super cute and it personalized the wedding cake. The letters ‘L and L’ (initials of the wedding couple) were also present on the cake along with the wedding couple’s figurines. 

5. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Topped with Flowers

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are one of the most romantic couples in the celebrity world. So how can their wedding cake be anything else? The couple had a very romantic wedding cake during their wedding. The bakers used tons of roses to give the cake a fresh and romantic look.

This monotone 5-tier white chocolate mousse wedding cake featured rounded layers and was surrounded by roses everywhere.

   6.   Michael Phelps and Nicole Johnson’s Stunning Wedding Cake

Stunning wedding cake


The world record holder swimmer Michael Phelps has an extraordinary career as he won the most Olympics gold medals. So how can his wedding cake be ordinary? Phelps’ wedding had a unique six-tiered, black and gold Art Deco-style cake.

Phoenix-based bakery Heart Sweet Cakes created this spectacular wedding cake. They used half vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream and vanilla bean buttercream and half chocolate Devil’s food cake with Reese’s peanut butter cup buttercream and chocolate buttercream.

The use of black and gold colors gave this cake a unique appearance while the initials ‘M and N’ at the cake’s center added a personal touch.

What made this wedding cake even more special was the little sign written next to it. The sign read, “A little cake never killed nobody.” This was probably aimed at the athlete’s rigorous diet and fitness regime which forced him to avoid any food that added fat to his body.

7.  GoggleBox star Bez Bonker & his bride Frou’s Wedding Cake


Couple with Pets Wedding Cake Topper

Throughout his life, Happy Monday’s star BEZ did nothing ordinary. His entire lifestyle is ‘bold’ and he likes to do things differently. He planned his wedding too in a slightly different manner. He added some pagan rituals inspired by Game Of Thrones to his wedding and arranged the wedding to make it a “party of a lifetime”.

But surprisingly, he had a classic and elegant wedding cake that looked simple yet impactful. The four-tier cake featured white icing and the cake’s outer surface featured intricate designs of flowers. A big white flower with a flawless design adored the cake.

The wedding cake featured a unique cake topper. It had figurines of the wedding couple along with their pet dogs. The two sausage dogs Snoop and Yoko are BEZ’s favorite pets and hence they made it to the cake’s top. This happy family smiling ear to ear at the cake’s top gave the wedding cake a special look.


   8.  Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian Hawaii Wedding Cake

Hawaii Wedding Cake

The WWE superstar Dwayne Johnson and his longtime love Lauren Hashian had a top-secret marriage in Hawaii. Few people knew the details and fewer people spoke about the wedding spectacle. So fans were curious to know about the wedding details.

Soon the pictures came out and one thing we all realized was that Dwayne Johnson and Lauren Hashian had a wonderful wedding cake. The couple wanted a simple and private wedding and had arranged things accordingly.

They ditched a flamboyant cake and instead opted for a simple, sweet confection. The three-tier cake featured very little decoration. It was a plain white cake with a vine of edible flowers running through the cake’s tiers.

The top surface of the cake featured a colorful rainbow, an addition probably done to give the wedding cake a colorful look.

  9. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Black & White Wedding Cake

Black & White Wedding Cake

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding cake is one of the most thoughtful and spectacular celebrity wedding cakes we have seen. This 8-feet cake weighed nearly 600 pounds.
Kim chose Hansen’s, an L.A. institution to bake her wedding cake. They have delivered cakes to the Kardashian family for all their important occasions. So she too went with the tradition.

Each octagonal tier of this black and white cake had a unique Italianate design which was approved by the family beforehand. To avoid paparazzi, the bakers sent the cake to the wedding location in three separate unmarked vans. The cake cost a massive $20,000 which seems ordinary considering the couple’s other wedding expenses.

  10. Brittany Daniel and Adam Touni Wedding Cake

Creative Wedding Cake

Brittany Daniel and Adam Touni’s wedding cake was designed with creativity and some top-notch baking skills. This charcoal-hued wedding cake featured a copper image inspired by Banksy’s Balloon Girl, a piece of art cherished by the couple. This copper image enhanced the cake’s visual appeal and elevated it to the list of ‘the most unique celebrity wedding cakes.’

The three-tier wedding cake had a smooth finish and a minimalistic look. By ditching decorations like edible flowers and cake toppers, the bakers ensured the copper image grabbed all the attention. This simple wedding cake reflected the wedding couple’s idea of the ‘perfect wedding’ and brought a smile to the guests’ faces.


   11. Elena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton’s Wedding Cake

Tall Wedding Cake

Elena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton’s special wedding featured a special cake. One of the interesting aspects of their wedding cake was its height. The wedding couple had a massive 6 feet 4 inches tall wedding cake, which meant it was taller than Delle Donne.

The 11-tier cake was decorated with classy white icing that made the wedding cake a part of the wedding theme. The bakers went with minimal decoration and avoided a cake topper as this tall cake didn’t require any additional accessories.


 12. USA MasterChef  SHAUN O’NEALE  & KATIE Wedding Cake

Couple Cake Topper on Multi Tiered Wedding Cake

Shaun O’Neale, the winner of USA MasterChef Season 7, married Katie Provost in a private wedding ceremony. During the MasterChef contest, Shaun showed that has a distinct taste and is highly particular about the ingredients that go into preparing a dish. So Shaun’s fans were particularly interested to know about the wedding menu and the wedding cake as they knew Shaun would certainly add his signature elements to them.

It was a four-tier wedding cake with a stunning finish. A few roses at the sides added glam to the cake but the cake’s main attraction was the cute cake topper featuring tiny figurines of the wedding couple. The mini dolls of Shaun and Katie wore their wedding attire and Shaun’s figurine was wearing a stunning black cap. The cake featured the MasterChef logo on the second tier. This logo made sure that guests would never forget Shaun’s extraordinary achievements.

  13. Wedding Cake of Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke

Vegan and Gluten Free Wedding Cake

Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke’s wedding cake was a visual masterpiece. The couple had a 4 tier vegan marbled and semi-naked cake with fruit toppings. The abstract cake design with its vegan identity made it one of the most talked about celebrity wedding cakes.

Emily Lael Aumiller of Lael Cakes created this beautiful wedding cake. The baker used organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients respecting the couple’s demands. Considering Domino’s fondness for naked cakes, Emily roped in marbled rosewater fondant to cover the bottom tier. She added the layers of three semi-naked cakes on top of it.

To give the cake a fresh look, the baker decorated the cake with fruits like figs and blackberries and flowers such as lavender and orange blossom. The use of chocolate icing and cacao nibs along with lavender icing gave the cake a peculiar taste and ensured that along with a stunning look, the cake had a terrific taste too.

 14. Goggle box star Chris Steed and new husband Tony Butland Wedding Cake

Gay Wedding Cake Topped with Couple Miniatures

Chris Steed, of Gogglebox fame, married his boyfriend Tony Butland in 2017, in an intimate ceremony during London Pride Weekend. The couple wanted an emotional ceremony to celebrate their special bond and hence arranged their wedding accordingly.

The couple ensured their wedding cake too reflected the ‘true emotions of love’ by having customized cake toppers on a four-tier cake. The rectangular cake had plenty of design with icing while a bunch of edible flowers adorned the cake’s top tier.

The couple added a personal touch to their wedding cake by adding their figurines as cake toppers. These tiny figurines of Chris and Tony were wearing their wedding attire. The duo spent lavishly on their wedding attire as they wanted an offbeat design on mainstream wedding attire. So it made complete sense to have the couple’s mini figurines flaunt the wedding costume.
Importantly, the couple was not alone on the cake’s surface. They also had their beloved pets for company. The small figures of the couple’s pets made the cake even more special and memorable.

  15. Laura Bell Bundy AND Thom Hinkle Wedding Cake

3-tier gluten-free chocolate cake for Wedding

Stephen Lowry and Jared Sullivan of SHOWBOY BakeShop in Las Vegas created the wedding cake for Laura Bell Bundy and Thom Hinkle’s wedding. They baked a 3-tier, gluten-free chocolate cake with bourbon pecan mousse filling layered with chocolate chips for this special occasion.

It was Laura’s idea to have bourbon pecan mousse. She wanted to celebrate her Kentucky roots by having a cake that tasted similar to Derby Pie, a trademark Kentucky delicacy. So the bakers opted for bourbon pecan mousse.

The bakers used vanilla bean buttercream and drizzled it with bourbon confectioners’ glaze to give the cake a drip look.

Just like the cake, the couple finalized the cake topper after a lot of brain-scratching. They selected a customized edible cake topper featuring two horseshoes intertwined into one heart. The cake topper signified the special bond between Laura and Thom and gave the cake the identity of a ‘romantic wedding cake.’

16. Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Wedding Cake


Tallest Celebrity Wedding Cake

Indian actress Priyanka Chopra and American musician Nick Jones’ wedding was one of the most talked about celebrity weddings of this decade.

The couple went for an extravagant wedding celebration that included Hindu and Christmas rituals. The couple did everything in style during their wedding and their wedding cake too made the news!

The couple had a gigantic 18-feet tall cake made with 6 tiers. As per reports, Nick’s personal chefs created this stunning masterpiece and the cake’s design evoked the Umaid Bhawan Palace, the iconic venue in Rajasthan, India where the marriage took place. The chefs came from Kuwait and Dubai to bake the wedding cake. The wedding cake featured intricate detailing and was decorated with flowers.

The couple used a sword to cut this gigantic cake. You can actually check this cute cake-cutting ceremony on Instagram to grasp the cake’s gigantic size.

 17. Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Wedding Cake

Themed Wedding Cake

Olympic star Tom Daley married producer and director Dustin Lance Black in a private ceremony in Portsmouth. One of the talking points of the low-key wedding ceremony was their wedding cake because Tom had kept the design of the wedding cake a secret for all, including Dustin.

Tom wanted to bake the wedding cake himself, but he realized the toughness of the challenge and enlisted the help of baker and Youtuber Cupcake Jemma.

Bakers Crumbs and Dollies prepared the wedding cake that appeared bright and bold. It was a five-tier spectacle featuring a customized look and a distinctive design.

The bakers used red, white, and blue colors to decorate the cake with stars and stripes. These decorations and accessories helped in giving a creative nod to Tom and Dustin’s home countries – the UK and USA.

The wedding cake’s main attraction was the white chocolate bark featured on the pudding. Tom made this delicacy himself with the help of Jemma. Tom has created a Youtube video documenting the entire process to share with his fans the painstaking journey.

The couple also ditched the standard cake toppers and used a creative cake topper. They topped the wedding cake with a ‘T’ decorated with the print of the Union Jack, and an ‘L’ reflecting the American flag.

 18. Sofia Vargera and Joe Manganiello Wedding Cake

Glamorous Wedding Cake topped with Flowers

Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s wedding was a glamorous affair. The couple spent lavishly on costumes, venue, and food. Of course, their wedding cake was a spectacle in itself and garnered plenty of attention. 

The couple roped in the services of cake designer Sylvia Weinstock to ensure their wedding cake had a unique identity. 

Weinstock created a five-tier confection decorated with a ton of white flowers. The baker used a delicate quilted design to give the cake a classy and sober look and arranged the flowers in such a manner that they appeared to be spilling over each tier. This stunning arrangement of flowers gave the cake a romantic look and reflected the bond of closeness the couple felt for each other. 

The couple arranged a wide array of desserts for the guests including The Breakers Resort’s signature sundaes (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream, of course) in gilded fluted cups created from dark chocolate. And not to forget the marinated berries and pink hearts reading “Joe Loves Sofia” that served as the toppings. 

  19. Mark Ballas & BC Jean’s Wedding Cake

7-tier cake featuring multiple flavors for Wedding Couple

Mark Ballas & BC Jean’s wedding Cake featured a highly creative design and had a glamourous appearance justifying the couple’s flamboyant lifestyle.

The couple confessed that they spent a lot of time finalizing their wedding cake. They tried approximately 13 cakes and selected the one they tried first.

The bakers created a 7-tier cake featuring multiple flavors. The main flavor was the baker’s trademark ‘pink Velvet Cake’ and Neapolitan. It is created with layers of vanilla chocolate and red velvet cake filled with layers of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

The couple went for a customized design to ensure their wedding cake had a distinctive identity. The cake featured 24-karat gold paintings designed to resemble the inside of the couple’s wedding invitations, which were custom designed. The wedding cake had a navy blue touch with a gold crescent moon and stars. This color combination gave the cake a majestic, simple and beautiful look.


We nitpicked some celebrity wedding cakes we thought were worthy enough to be shared with you all. There are plenty more celebrity wedding cakes that we loved and wanted to share with you but won’t be able to do due to space constraints.

So let us know your favorite celebrity wedding cakes and why in the comments section. Also, tell us which celebrity cake from the above list you would like to have for your wedding.


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